Datasets and Supplementary Online Material for:

Evolution of Mammals and Their Gut Microbes

Ley, R. E., M. Hamady, C. Lozupone, P. J. Turnbaugh, R. R. Ramey, J. S. Bircher, M. L. Schlegel, T. A. Tucker, M. D. Schrenzel, R. Knight, and J. I. Gordon.  Science Express [DOI: 10.1126/science.1155725](22 May 2008)

Supplemental Online Material may be downloaded here.

We used two methods to detect chimeras: Bellerophon v.3, and a BLAST-based method for detecting inter-phylum chimeras (see Supplemental Online Material for details). We have made the following subsets of our 26,160 sequences available for download: