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Marios Giannakis, Helene Kling Bäckhed, Swaine L. Chen, Jeremiah J. Faith, Meng Wu, Janaki L. Guruge, Lars Engstrand, and Jeffrey I. Gordon. The Response of Gastric Epithelial Progenitors to Helicobacter pylori Isolates Obtained from Swedish Patients with Chronic Atrophic Gastritis. J Biol Chem. [DOI:10.1074/jbc.M109.052738](1 September 2009)

Supplemental Online MaterialRaw solexa reads of each H.pylori isolate are available at NCBI SRA with Study Accession #:SRP001104

Assembled data: Contigs.tar.gz

Annotation data: Finalreport.tar.gz