Gordon Lab Personnel

 Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Gordon, MD (jgordon[at]wustl.edu)

 Research Assistant Professor

Michael Barrett

Michael Barratt, PhD (mjbarratt[at]wustl.edu)

Program Director, Breast Milk, gut Microbiome, and Immunity (BMMI) Project

Executive Director, Center for Gut Microbiome and Nutrition Research

 Assistant Professor

Nicholas Griffin, PhD (nwgriffin[at]wustl.edu)

Characterizing the interrelationships between human dietary components, the human gut microbiota, and the pathogenesis of childhood undernutrition


Matt Hibberd, PhD (hibberdm[at]wustl.edu)

The functional responses of members of the human gut microbiota to dietary micronutrient deficiencies

Eviatar Natan

Michael Patnode, PhD (patnode[at]wustl.edu)

Defining syntrophic relationships among members of the human gut microbiota as it relates to carbohydrate metabolism

 Postdoctoral Fellows

Lihua Feng

Carrie Cowardin, PhD (ccowardin[at]wustl.edu)

Effect of the developing gut microbiota on bone biology

Vanderlene Kung, MD, PhD (vkung[at]wustl.edu)

Characterizing the relationships between the gut microbiota and environmental enteric dysfunction

Nathan Han (D.han[at]wustl.edu)

Metabolomic studies of the effects of polysaccharides on model human gut microbial communities established in gnotobiotic models

Arjun Raman

Arjun Raman, PhD (arjun.raman[at]wustl.edu)


Sid Venkatesh

Siddarth (Sid) Venkatesh, PhD (svenkatesh[at]wustl.edu)

Gnotobiotic mouse models for characterizing the effects of childhood undernutrition on host metabolism and CNS biology

Darryl Wesener

Darryl Wesener, PhD (dwesener[at]wustl.edu)

Microbial community metabolism of insoluble glycan aggregates

Ashley Wolf, PhD (arwolf[at]wustl.edu)

Gnotobiotic mouse models for characterizing interactions between dietary proteins and the human gut microbiota


 Graduate Students

Hao-Wei Chang

Zach Beller (beller.z[at]wustl.edu)

Computational & Systems Biology Program

Hannah Bucklin

Hannah Bucklin (hmbucklin[at]wustl.edu)

Molecular Cell Biology Program

Hao-Wei Chang

Alexandra Byrne (byrne[at]wustl.edu)


Hao-Wei Chang

Hao-Wei Chang (chang.hao-wei[at]wustl.edu)

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Graduate Program

Gnotobiotic piglet models for identifying complementary food-based interventions for durably repairing gut microbiota immaturity in undernourished children

Omar Delannoy-Bruno

Robert Chen (robert.chen[at]wustl.edu)

Computational & Systems Biology Program



Omar Delannoy-Bruno

Omar Delannoy-Bruno (delannoy-bruno[at]wustl.edu)

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Graduate Program


Characterizing the interactions human gut bacterial strains recovered from twins stably discordant for obesity with dietary components

James Weagley

Jimmy Weagley (jsweagley[at]wustl.edu)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program


Analyzing the nutrient needs/preferences of age- and growth-discriminatory bacterial strains present in developing gut microbiota of infants/children living in Bangladesh


Miriam Applbaum

Miriam Applbaum (applbaum[at]wustl.edu)

Julie Veitinger (juliakveitinger[at]wustl.edu)


Culturing members of the human gut microbiota

Vinaik Sundaresan (vinaiksundaresan[at]wustl.edu)


Senior Research Scientist

Janaki Lelwala-Guruge, PhD (Janaki[at]wustl.edu)

Culturing bacterial strains from the gut microbiota of children with undernutrition and adults with obesity

Mass Spectrometrist

Jiye Cheng

Jiye Cheng, PhD (JCheng24[at]wustl.edu)

Mass spectrometrometry studies of the metabolic features of human gut microbiota and its effect on host metabolism


Kazi Ahsan (ahsan[at]wustl.edu)

Management of biospecimen repositories related to studies of childhood undernutrition

Su Deng (sdeng[at]wustl.edu)

Comparative analyses of human gut microbial community membership

Jessica Forman

Jessica Forman (jlforman[at]wustl.edu)


Maria Karlsson (karlsson[at]wustl.edu)

Co-director of gnotobiotic facility

Marty Meier (mmeier[at]wustl.edu)

Director, CGS_SB Robotics Facility

David O'Donnell (dodonnell[at]wustl.edu)

Co-director of gnotobiotic facility

Sabrina Wagoner

Sabrina Wagoner (wagoner[at]wustl.edu)

Research Lab Manager


Justin Serugo

Justin Serugo (jserugo[at]wustl.edu)

Research Technician gnotobiotic facility

Administrative Staff

Stephanie Amen (samen[at]wustl.edu)

Assistant to Jeffrey Gordon

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