Gordon Lab Personnel

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Gordon, MD (jgordon@wustl.edu)

Research Associate Professor

Michael Barratt, PhD (mjbarratt@wustl.edu)

Program Director, Breast Milk, gut Microbiome, and Immunity (BMMI) Project
Executive Director, Center for Gut Microbiome and Nutrition Research

Assistant Professor

Matthew Hibberd, PhD (hibberdm@wustl.edu)

Multi-omics analysis of the effects of microbiota-directed therapeutics on the biological state of children with moderate and severe acute malnutrition


Jiye Cheng, PhD (JCheng24@wustl.edu)

Characterizing expressed metabolic features of the developing gut microbiota of healthy and undernourished infants and children

Yi Wang, PhD ( wangyi837@wustl.edu)

Enteroid-based mechanistic studies of the effects of gut microbiome immaturity in undernourished Bangladeshi children on gut epithelial cell biology

Daniel Webber, MD, PhD (dmwebber@wustl.edu)

Characterizing structure/activity relationships in microbiota-directed complementary food prototypes for treating childhood undernutrition

Postdoctoral Fellows

Noorjahan Begum, PhD (begumn@wustl.edu)

ZeNan Chang (changzl@wustl.edu   )

Regulation of epithelial cell census in crypt-villus units in undernourished pregnant women with EED

Mamun Monir (mamun@wustl.edu)

Kali Pruss, PhD (kmpruss@wustl.edu)

Analyses of the metabolic correlates of MDCF repair of the gut microbiomes of Bangladeshi children with moderate acute malnutrition

Graduate Students

Hannah Lynn (Bucklin) (hmbucklin@wustl.edu)

Molecular Cell Biology Program

Development of microbiota-directed complementary food prototypes for treating childhood undernutrition in different populations living in different geographic locations and having different anthropologic features

Alexandra Byrne (byrne@wustl.edu)


Intergenerational transfer of gut microbial communities and their effects on neurodevelopment in the context of childhood undernutrition

Winnie (Ye) Chen (c.ye1@wustl.edu)

Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology

Interactions with components of therapeutic foods and different human gut bacterial strains that naturally reside in the intestines of children

Reyan Coskun (reyan@wustl.edu)

Immunology Program

Effects of the small intestinal microbiota of women and children with EED on fetal-placental development 

Marie Crane (c.marie@wustl.edu)

Computational and Systems Biology

Experimental and computational approaches for defining structure-function relationships in microbiota-directed complementary foods designed to treat children with malnutrition

Steven Hartman (h.steven@wustl.edu)

Computational and Systems Biology

Mechanistic studies of the functional effects of microbiota-directed foods on bacterial strains present in the microbial communities of malnourished children and how they impact host physiology

Evan Lee (emlee@wustl.edu)

Computation and Systems Biology Program

Mechanism of action of microbiota-directed complementary foods in metabolic regulation within the gut

Cyrus Zhou (czhou25@wustl.edu)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Computational and experimental analyses of gut microbiome development/expression in healthy and undernourished Bangladeshi children

Pablo Ramon Zubeldia (pabloz@wustl.edu)

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

Computational tools for correlating patterns of consumption of complementary foods and gut microbiome configuration

Undergraduate Students

Kovacevic, Maya (k.maya@wustl.edu)

Kelsey Hudson (h.kelsey@wustl.edu)

Senior Research Scientist

Kazi Ahsan (ahsan@wustl.edu)

Development of diagnostic assays to characterize the microbiome and plasma proteomic responses of malnourished infants and children to therapeutic intervention

Su Deng (sdeng@wustl.edu)

Generation of multi-omic datasets from human gut microbiota samples

Ke Ke (Ke.k@wustl.edu)

Janaki Lelwala-Guruge, PhD (Janaki@wustl.edu)

Culturing bacterial strains from the gut microbiota of children with undernutrition and adults with obesity

Nathan McNulty (nmcnulty@wustl.edu)

Translational studies of the effects of dietary fiber on expression of gut microbiome-encoded CAZymes and the resulting effects on fiber glycan and other aspects of microbial community metabolism, as well as host biology

Tim Seebeck (tim.s@wustl.edu)

Development of CRISPR-based approaches for targeting genes in members of the developing gut microbiomes of healthy and undernourished infants, children and their mothers


Suzy Henrissat (hsuzanne@wustl.edu)

CAZyme gene repertoire in the gut microbiome of healthy and malnourished children

Gnotobiotic Facility

Maria Karlsson (karlsson@wustl.edu)

Co-director of gnotobiotic facility

David O’Donnell (dodonnell@wustl.edu)

Co-director of gnotobiotic facility

Automation Facility

Marty Meier (mmeier@wustl.edu)

Director, CGS_SB Robotics Facility

Research Lab Manager

Sabrina Wagoner (wagoner@wustl.edu)

Research Lab Manager

Administrative Staff

Stephanie Amen (samen@wustl.edu)

Assistant to Jeffrey Gordon