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Gordon Lab Personnel

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Gordon, MD (jgordon[at]

Postdoctoral Fellows

Philip Ahern, PhD (pahern[at]

Using combinatorial approaches and gnotobiotic mouse models to identify effector bacterial strains in the human gut microbiota that control accumulation of regulatory T cells, and the pathways through which this control is exerted

Nicholas Griffin, PhD (ngriffin[at]

Characterizing the interrelationships between human diets, the human gut microbiota and host physiology/ metabolism in gnotobiotic mouse models

Eviatar Natan

Michael Patnode, PhD (mpatnode[at]

Defining syntropic relationships among members of the human gut microbiota as it relates to carbohydrate metabolism: in vitro analyses, and in vivo studies using gnotobiotic mouse models harboring defined consortia of sequenced human gut bacterial symbionts

Josh Sommovilla

Josh Sommovilla, MD (sommovillaj[at]

Gnotobiotic mouse models for defining the effects of small intestinal resection on the assembly and expressed functions of human infant gut microbiota

Sid Venkatesh

Siddarth (Sid) Venkatesh PhD (svenkatesh[at]

Gnotobiotic mouse models for characterizing the effects of childhood undernutrition on CNS biology

Ashley Wolf (awolf[at]

The effects of the human gut microbiota on mitochondrial function


Neelendu Dey

Neelendu Dey, MD (

Characterizing the interplay between diet, the human gut microbiota, and its metabolic output and intestinal transit time using gnotobiotic mouse models

Ansel Hsiao

Ansel Hsiao, PhD (ahsiao[at]

Characterizing restoration of the human gut microbiota after V. cholera infection of Bangladeshi adults; using gnotobiotic mouse models to determine the mechanisms by which members of the human gut microbiota impact V. cholera colonization/virulence

Andrew Kau, MD, PhD (akau[at]

Identifying bacterial targets of mucosal IgA responses in the gut microbiota of twins discordant for severe and moderate acute undernutrition using FACS, and characterizing the functional effects of targeted organisms by transmission to gnotobiotic mouse recipients

Graduate Students

Mark Charbonneau

Mark Charbonneau (charbo25[at]

Computational and Systems Biology

Defining the role of sialylated human breast milk oligosaccharides in directing maturation of the human gut microbiota during childhood and promoting healthy growth: a study using gnotobiotic mice

Jeanette Gehrig

Jeanette Gehrig (jgehrig[at]

Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program

Constructing a generalizable model of gut microbiota maturity and applying it to infants/children with and without undernutrition to define the relationship between microbiota immaturity and disease severity, disease manifestations and treatment responses

Dong (Nathan) Han (D.han[at]

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Identifying the effects of dietary ingredients on gut microbes that can fill unoccupied niches in the microbiota of obese individuals

Matt Hibberd (hibberdm[at]

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

The interrelationships between micronutrient deficiency and the human gut microbiota: studies of gnotobiotic mice colonized with defined consortia of sequenced human gut bacterial taxa

Molly Peng

Yangquin (Molly) Peng (yangqing.peng[at]

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

The development of gut mucosal immune responses to bacterial components of the human gut microbiota in healthy and undernourished Bangaldeshi and Malawian children,  and defining the functional effects of targeted taxa using gnotobiotic mouse models

Joseph Planer

Joseph Planer (planerj[at]

MSTP, Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

Characterizing interactions between the gut mucosal immune system and the microbiota: studies involving twins living in the USA, Bangladesh and Malawi and gnotobiotic mice colonized with their microbiota

Tarek Salih (saliht[at]

MSTP Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

Nick Semenkovich

Nick Semenkovich (semenko[at]

MSTP, Molecular Genetics and Genomics

The effects of the gut microbiota on the epigenome

Sathish Submaranian

Sathish Subramanian (subramanians[at]

MSTP, Computational and Systems Biology

Identifying the normal pattern of assembly/maturation of the gut microbiota in healthy Bangladeshi infants, and characterizing its immaturity in undernourished states

Laura Gibbs VanArendonk

Laura VanArendonk Blanton (laura.vanarendonk[at]

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

The relationship between perturbations in the maturation of the human gut microbiota in infancy and childhood and undernutrition: a translational study involving gnotobiotic mice and members of a Malawian birth cohort that were or were not treated with a lipid nutrient supplement

Vitas Wagner (wagnerve[at]

Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology

Identifying bacterial taxa in the human gut microbiota that transmit physiologic and metabolic features of childhood undernutrition; analyses using gnotobiotic mice colonized with gut communities obtained from Bangladeshi children

Meng Wu (mengwu[at]

Human and Statistical Genetics.

Identifying fitness determinants in human gut-derived Bacteriodes species using multi-taxon whole genome transposon mutagenesis and gnotobiotic mice subjected to various diet interventions

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro Reyes, PhD (alejandroreyesmunoz[at]

Comparative metagenomic studies of the phage present in the distal gut microbial communities of monozygotic twins, including those that are discordant or concordant for obesity or severe malnutrition; characterizing the phage-host bacterial cell dynamic using gnotobiotic mice colonized with a defined model human gut microbiota and subjected to staged attacks with phage purified from the fecal microbiota of human donors

Senior Research Scientist

Janaki Lelwala-Guruge, PhD (Janaki[at]

Analysis of the genotypic and phenotypic properties of cultured members of the human gut microbiota

Nathan McNulty, PhD (nmcnulty[at]

Characterizing gut microbial lifestyles and key nutrient-microbe interactions using both established and novel functional genomics tools in gnotobiotic animal models

Mass Spectrometrist

Jiye Cheng

Jiye Cheng, PhD (JCheng24[at]

Senior Scientist


Su Deng (sdeng[at]

Staff Scientist

Maria Karlsson (karlsson[at]

Research Lab Manager

Marty Meier

Director of CGS&SB Robotics Facility

David O'Donnell (dodonnell[at]

Research Lab Manager

Sabrina Wagoner

Sabrina Wagoner (wagoner[at]

Research Lab Manager


Justin Serugo

Justin Serugo (jserugo[at]

Research Technician


Administrative Staff

Stephanie Amen (samen[at]

Assistant to Jeffrey Gordon

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