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This page was last updated April 23, 2014


Gordon Lab Personnel

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Gordon, MD (jgordon[at]

Postdoctoral Fellows

Philip Ahern, PhD (pahern[at]

Using combinatorial approaches and gnotobiotic mouse models to identify effector bacterial strains in the human gut microbiota that control accumulation of regulatory T cells

Nicholas Griffin, PhD (ngriffin[at]

Characterizing the interrelationships between human diets, the human gut microbiota and host physiology/ metabolism in gnotobiotic mouse models

Ilia Halatchev

Ilia Halatchev, MD, PhD (ihalatch[at]

Characterizing the interactions between diet, the gut microbiota and energy balance using gnotobiotic mice colonized with human gut microbiota obtained from twins stably discordant for obesity

Ansel Hsiao, PhD (ahsiao[at]

Metagenomic studies of the impact of probiotics on the gut microbiota using gnotobiotic mouse models; characterizing the recovery of the gut microbiota from V. cholera infection in Bangladeshi adults and in gnotobiotic mouse models

Eviatar Natan

Eviatar Natan, PhD (eviatarhje[at]

Studying the effects of the microbiota of healthy versus undernourished Malawian and Bangladeshi infants on brain metabolism using gnotobiotic mice

Eviatar Natan

Michael Patnode, PhD (mpatnode[at]

Defining syntropic relationships among members of the human gut microbiota as it relates to carbohydrate metabolism: in vitro analyses, and in vivo studies using gnotobiotic mouse models harboring defined consortia of sequenced human gut bacterial symbionts


Neelendu Dey

Neelendu Dey, MD (

Characterizing the interplay between diet, the human gut microbiota, and its metabolic output and intestinal transit time using gnotobiotic mouse models

Andrew Kau, MD, PhD (akau[at]

Characterizing the bacterial targets of gut mucosal IgA in the gut microbiota of twins discordant for severe and moderate acute undernutrition using FACS; identifying the effects of purified targeted organisms on mucosal barrier function in gnotobiotic mouse models

Graduate Students

Mark Charbonneau

Mark Charbonneau (charbo25[at]

Defining the role of sialylated human breast milk oligosaccharides in directing maturation of the human gut microbiota during childhood and promoting healthy growth: a study using gnotobiotic mice

Dong Han (D.han[at]

Identifying gut microbes that can fill unoccupied niches in the microbiota of obese individuals, in various diet contexts: studies involving twins discordant for obesity and its metabolic dysfunctions, and gnotobiotic mice harboring their microbiota

Matt Hibberd (hibberdm[at]

The interrelationships between micronutrient deficiency and the human gut microbiota: studies of gnotobiotic mice colonized with defined consortia of sequenced human gut bacterial taxa

Joseph Planer

Joseph Planer (planerj[at]

Characterizing the effects of acute malnutrition on interactions between the adaptive immune system and the gut microbiota of children living in Bangladesh and Malawi

Vanessa Ridaura (vkridaur[at]

Analysis of how gut microbiota from twins stably discordant for obesity modulate host adiposity and metabolism using gnotobiotic mouse models

Nick Semenkovich

Nick Semenkovich (semenko[at]

The interrelationship between essential fatty acid and other nutrient deficiencies, the gut microbiota and the epigenome in healthy and undernourished individuals

Sathish Submaranian

Sathish Subramanian (subramanians[at]

Identifying the normal pattern of assembly/maturation of the gut microbiota in healthy Bangladeshi infants, and characterizing its immaturity in undernourished states

Laura Gibbs VanArendonk

Laura Gibbs VanArendonk (laura.vanarendonk[at]

The relationship between perturbations in the maturation of the human gut microbiota in infancy and childhood and undernutrition: a translational study involving gnotobiotic mice and members of a Malawian birth cohort that were or were not treated with a lipid nutrient supplement

Vitas Wagner (wagnerve[at]

Identifying bacterial taxa in the human gut microbiota that transmit physiologic and metabolic features of childhood undernutrition; analyses using gnotobiotic mice colonized with gut communities obtained from Bangladeshi children

Meng Wu (mengwu[at]

Identifying fitness determinants in human gut-derived Bacteriodes species using multi-taxon whole genome transposon mutagenesis and gnotobiotic mice subjected to various diet interventions

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro Reyes, PhD (alejandroreyesmunoz[at]

Comparative metagenomic studies of the phage present in the distal gut microbial communities of monozygotic twins, including those that are discordant or concordant for obesity or severe malnutrition; characterizing the phage-host bacterial cell dynamic using gnotobiotic mice colonized with a defined model human gut microbiota and subjected to staged attacks with phage purified from the fecal microbiota of human donors

Senior Research Scientist

Janaki Lelwala-Guruge, PhD (Janaki[at]

Analysis of the genotypic and phenotypic properties of cultured members of the human gut microbiota

Nathan McNulty, PhD (nmcnulty[at]

Characterizing gut microbial lifestyles and key nutrient-microbe interactions using both established and novel functional genomics tools in gnotobiotic animal models

Mass Spectrometrist

Jiye Cheng

Jiye Cheng, PhD (JCheng24[at]

Mass Spectrometrist


Su Deng (sdeng[at]

Staff Scientist

Maria Karlsson (karlsson[at]

Co-director of our gnotobiotic mouse facility

Marty Meier

Director of CGS&SB Robotics Facility

David O'Donnell (dodonnell[at]

Co-director of our gnotobiotic mouse facility

Sabrina Wagoner

Sabrina Wagoner (wagoner[at]

Research Lab Manager


Justin Serugo

Justin Serugo (jserugo[at]

Research Technician


Administrative Staff

Stephanie Amen (samen[at]

Assistant to Jeffrey Gordon

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